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About Us

Reiki for Everyone

Are you seeking to alleviate some suffering associated with pain and illness, wether it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritually? Have you been going through a stressful situation do to loss of job or divorce or loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s hard when you are feeling drained  so much way ing on you. Reiki maybe for you .

Reiki is a Energy healing practice to help your body be able to work on healing itself reconnecting your chakras  balancing your mind body and soul.

in addition to the remarkable healing power of Reiki. You can also revive intuitive angel card readings with assistance from a oracle cards. That will assist you in your life.

How Reiki Can Help You

Reiki & Energy Healing Session

During your Reiki & Energy Healing Session you   will  become  more relaxed  may  even drift  off  to  sleep. Reiki  is  known  to  work  on  physical,  mental,  emotional.  We  all go  through struggles but why suffer  when you  can  get  assistance  to  make your  life  a  little easier.

Reiki and Energy Healing are done remotely as well as distance.  Both have been proven to be very successful

Prices depend on your needs some may need just a short amount of time while others need more time. Each session depends on the client an their needs.  Please contact Ladonna with any further questions or information.

Special Pricing for Animals

Animals just like people benefit from Reiki & Energy Healing. 

If you have a animal in need of help Please contact Ladonna

See the Difference

Ladonna teaches classes and if you need her to teach or talk at your next event about Reiki, Energy Healing and Crystals. 

Ladonna teaches how you can give yourself self treatments.  So you can help yourself  maintain a physical, mental,emotional and spiritual health.  So you are able to live life to the fullest.

Ladonna teaches how you are able to not only bring Reiki to heal and benefit yourself but those you love. Your animals, family, friends anyone and anything that you desire to assist in feeling there best.

Ladonna teaches crystal classes.

Crystals are used to promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits.

Contact Ladonna for details

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Our Mission Statement

Our treatment is to go deep within mind, body, and spirit to heal from inside out.

To assist you in healing from the inside out.  Healing on all levels. 

Mentally, Emotionally, Physically & Spiritually.  Removing all blocks to promote and speed the healing process. 

Reiki & Energy Healing Testimonials


Ladonna is very gifted and is a bright light of healing and a wonderful reiki healer!

    Reed B.

I had a back energy from a accident.  Thankfully I met Ladonna.  She sent me Reiki Energy Healing at a distance.  I haven't had the pain return.


I have been working with Ladonna for a couple years now and find her healing nature to be amazing.  She is right in tune with  my health and has helped me live a more normal happy fulfilling life.

Thanks Ladonna!


Intuitive card readings Reviews


Reiki is energy healing. Reiki originated from Japan. Reiki can be learned and used by anyone. It reduces stress, gives you more energy, balances emotions. Reiki can have a positive impact on many areas of your life.

You can either have a reiki practitioner use their hands to channel Reiki to you. Also known as “healing hands.” Or you can learn how easy it is to learn “Reiki” how to be able to perform Reiki on yourself and others.

‘’This is an amazing gift to give yourself and others you love.”

Contact Us

If you would like to book an appointment, have Ladonna teach a class or have any questions. Drop us a line.

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Ladonna's Soul Healing & Readings

Email: Call: (435)359-2112 Face book: Ladonna's Soul Healing & Readings


Please note that Reiki & Energy Healing, the energy flows to the location where it is needed.  As your practitioner, I act as a conduit and provide a path for Reiki to flow through my hands to you.  I do not however control the outcome.  Reiki & Energy Healing ALWAYS goes to you, the client, to assist you for the highest good and will always have a positive outcome.

Do remember when doing your card readings.  I use my intuition and a variety of decks to guide me to the information that you need so that you can access and use it to better your life.  

Please not all readings are for guidance purposes only, you and other people in your life can affect any outcome in your life because we have free will, as well as the ability and right to exercise it.


You must be 18 years and above to purchase a reading. Every reading is for entertainment purpose only.  

Any and all healing work or information provided by Ladonna Nelson should not be substituted for professional, legal or medical advice.  No guarantees are offered, no refunds are given and all sales are final.

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